Meet Cherise

Cherise, Artist and Creative Entrepreneur


I'm Cherise. Welcome.

I design vibrant, artistic, engaging pillows to empower people to express their individual personalities, creating joy and enriching the world by being your true self.

My art is inspired by a diverse mix of materials I find around me, often the high quality sample-sized textiles interior design firms have set aside to discard. I see the beautiful possibilities in each piece and feel compelled to creatively transform them into something new and extraordinary that brings value once again to our lives.

At a young age I learned that imagination and creativity are boundless. My Grandma Josie spent countless hours crafting with me at the kitchen table and nourishing my creative spirit with new project ideas. I fell in love with the creation process arriving at a new destination in every project by using my creativity. Her legacy empowered me 5 years ago to move from Philadelphia to Los Angeles to make more space in life to honor my creative passions and purpose.

With a deep love for textiles, I acted on a desire to make a different kind of pillow—oversized and bursting with colorful, mixed fabrics. After sewing the first one, I felt pure joy in having the artful expression in my home. I want to share that experience with others, helping us all create spaces that celebrate our individuality.

As a black woman, I tell my story in my own narrative through this art. My work is all about the beauty in diversity and in our differences. I believe in the power of self expression and art is our vehicle to share all that’s inside of us with the world.

Artist, Creative Entrepreneur